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We use the
Almost Guaranteed to Work!
1 Syllable Reading Flash Card System
Phonics Flash Cards
"Learn the 1 Syllable Short Vowel Words First."

We have used this system for 18 years. We have worked with 4-5 year olds and up, all levels of education, English speaking and non-English speaking.

The 1 Syllable Reading Flash Card System WORKS eye, ear, and mouth coordination...& may HELP the brain to some degree. Needed: Sight, Hearing, & Speaking. If you or a loved one would like to study English as a Language, let us help. Our non-English students learn to read very well with this program.

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 The Basic Phonics Kit & The 1 Syllable Reading Flash Card System easily
teaches a child, young person, or adult to begin to read or to increase reading skills.
  1. Begin with Alphabet Letter recognition for the eyes & mouth.
  2. Follow with the sounds of the Consonants. We have the Consonant Sounds Game to help the ears, mouth & eyes.
  3. Then short vowels. Our Short Vowel Laminate has 2 Letter Words to help the hearing & visual memory.
  4. Reading begins when the Alphabet Letters and Sounds are learned.
  5. The Easy Words are the first to be read. The 3 letter T words help eye, ear & mouth coordination. This is similar to any physical coordination needed in any other physical exercise. These words are learned rather quickly.
  6. Cat's Story on flash cards can be read after learning the Easy Words. The learner is quite proud of this usually.
  7. More Easy Words are the next to be read. These are the 3 letter words without T.
  8. Bob's Story on flash cards can be read after learning More Easy Words. This story is a little 'convoluted' on purpose, but they usually get it, and chuckle!!!

9. The program continues with other A-Z words. Then the Blends & The Blend Words. Then theSpecial Sounds & The Special Sounds Words. 10. After that the Same Sounds & The Same Sounds Words, the Special Same Sounds & The Special Same Sounds Words, & lastly, the No Sound words, for example, when 2 go walking, one does the talking as in bless.

The Phonics Flash Cards are in the order of the alphabet. At each step the words build on each other. Follow the steps & we can almost guarantee reading!!!
We invite you to try this Phonics Flash Card program.

Most tutorees go through the program in 9 or 10 sessions, able to sound out  1 syllable short vowel words. ..& our experience shows...& then long vowel words.  
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